What it really takes to have a girl (part 1)

So, lets imagine you are about to start hunting for girls. Wanna meet somebody and of course later on hopefully fuck her doggy style. Haha.

The first thing to do is to improve your self appearance, image, or how do u look. Thats basic no 1, if u cant improve this, u already failed. Bye2 doggy style.

Hair: You need to have short hair, the longest is like korean style. If longer like rock singer, not good. Choose your favourite style, use cream or gel or wax. Not plain dry.

Other Hair: Its best not to have hair other than above your head. Clean shaven moustache, goatee, armpit and between your leg. Most girl will give u blowjob if your hair down there isnt exist, trust me. Be mindful also with your nostrill hair not showing outside the nose. No eyebrow hair above your nose, which make it 2 eyebrow, not straight one. Girl really look at these details, if something not good looking, hard for you to make her like you.

Face: I understand acne@jerawat is a big problem that hard to get rid of. But i found out the solution. It will make your acne gone away. Heres some product that gonna help you, easily accessible in Watson.

  1. Benzac AC 5 (around RM39)benzac
  2. Cetaphil, Gentle Skin Cleanser (Around RM70)


How to use: in the morning, use Cetaphil to clean your face. while at night after shower, use the Cetaphil to wash your face, let your face dry, and apply the Benzac AC 5. Slowly increasing its quantity day after day. After applying the Benzac, let it overnight during sleep. Do it whenever you are about to sleep. Please be advised that the Benzac AC 5 will make your face very very very dry. That’s the purpose of it. If your face is dry, bacteria cant live on your face, then new acne will not gonna appear again. As result, you’ll have acne free face. Also always wash your pillow case since you sleep with Benzac on your face, and your pillow case will luntur a bit. My pillow pudar also hahaha. Make sure you watch the following video for more clear instruction of how to wash your face. If you need moisturisers, just buy any type at Watson.

Teeth: Brush your teeth frequently and use floss. It will increase your taste buds.

Nail: Make sure your nail kept short, girl notice everything.

Ear: Take some time to clean your ears, dont let the dirt hanging at the ear hole. Disgusting.

Clothes: The way you dress is also very important. The main key is, use clean clothes, jangan pudar, doesnt matter if it have weird words on your shirt but make sure its not old fabric. Use long pants is recommended but short also ok. Shoes is better but using stylish slipper is acceptable. Below is how we usually dress, t-shirt, short pants, slipper.


But during hunting mode (go out and saying hi to girls u meet, getting their numbers), i’ll use like this below: simple but nice. Short sleeve shirt, long pants, with shoes.


Body: Minimum requirement is “jangan boroi perut”. If you fit, much better, easier to flirt girl. At least you are in normal BMI.

Ascessories: Have a cool cheap bracelet and a watch is enough.

So do your have what it takes to improve yourself?


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