Update June 2016

Hey guys, its been a while i didnt update. So this early June i have travelled to Jakarta just before the start of puasa to see the girls there. Didnt have much chance to explore the girls because while the travel, my dick still hurt so i didnt call or fuck Jakarta girls. What a mess. Only 1 of my friend get the taste of Jakarta pussy haha. The others friend also searching for girls but the one that show up did not meet standard lol. Muka pacah! Badan bida! Ahaha.. So we just travel around the big city to see what is Jakarta look like. I would say almost the same with KL but the traffic is worse. 

Actually one of my friend (my top player) was already have chance to free fuck pure jakarta girl, she live there. She even follow my friend twice! into his hotel room. But after they come out, i asked, “ada ko amput dia jugaka?” Then my friend say “ndala geng, banyak lemak!” Ahahaha.. Actually the girl is not fat, just chubby like Velvet AF. But as a top player, that kind of girl is out of league.

Other than that in KK, i found 2 new girls im in contact with. 1 girl from Kudat, another 1 is from Tambunan. I’ve met the girl from Kudat, looks good in photo, but after i met her, personality is good, but face is not appetizing. I think if i keep in contact with her, i will be able to fuck her later. But due to the face, tiada semangat mengayat liao 😂. Im not saying shes ugly but, face is just below normal level of pretiness. Also have pimples.

The girl from Tambunan is sooooo cute, gosh i like Dusun girl. She was in contact with me not but havent met her. Just in introduction stage. I like this one.

Oh ya the sumandak Kota Belud, i decided to abandon that girl. One is because i ask her out too early and of course she refused. I also have asked her out during the Kaamatan but also did not success. After thinking back to the playboy rules, if she refused 2 times, you better forget her, otherwise you’ll be appeared desperate and you just gonna hurt your pride. Its true, see now i met 2 new girls. Girls is everywhere guys, just need to find them.

Keep flirting guys. Cheers.

Above is the girl from Kudat.

my regular girl, touching her big tits.


2 thoughts on “Update June 2016

  1. Kalau inda hensom Bos?mcmmna mau pok sumandak..mcm ko juga kalau nda santik trus teda mood mengamput haha..lgipun beduit ko ni Bos sampai indon Cari toto hahaha


    1. Kalu inda encom pn bos kena pkaian kemas dan bersih. Trus jdi encom di mata sumandak tu. Senang ja kalau mo pegi indon bos, ko kena slalu check tiket next year pnya, msti ada yg murah. Yg kmi p indon ni lma sdh beli tiket yg last year lgi. Sma kena prepare passport jgala.


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