May. Festive seasons. Selamat hari Kaamatan. Cheers!

Hello guys, this May nothing much happened except fucking my regular girls. It did not involve lots of effort, just ignore them for some time. The result is, my self value is increasing due to not needy and they’ll find me saying they miss me. Bring the girl for dinner, book hotel at waterfront area and fuck hard 😅. At one point last week, my dick is hurt due to so many fucking, the friction was hurt but its worthy if utilize by experimenting many sex position. Sex on bed, change to doggy at table, i sit on chair and ask the girl to move her ass by herself, on the floor, at the wall, bj, then cum on her stomach.

The other girl i asked, do you want to try some other exciting and risky sex, she said ya lets try. So i quietly plan to fuck her in a car, we go eat some food at KK, then i said lets go drive aroud town then send you back home. So i drive from KK to Donggongon that night, then i drive to village road until there a golden spot perfect for car sex, nobody will disturb and its my golden spot few years back haha.. after i arrive there, i put my hand on her tities, lick it and sex was on. We did it in car, i try missionary, girl on top, doggy, quiet small space in car but she love it, she moan differently more passionate than on bed. She love it too hahaha. During drive back to her home, i asked, so how is it? She say its good, something different, with bright smile on her face 😆

One of my top player got a number from his friend. She was white skinned girl, a stewardess and turn out to be having a kid without husband. I think she was horny enough plus my top player messaging skill was perfect, he was able to bring her for light date at Suria Sabah mall. After meeting, she of course gonna like my top player. His game was awesome until this stewardess have not much resistance when my top player hint to fuck her. They fuck at Beverly Penampang. 😆. My top player said this air asia stewardess was having some kind of fetish being raped. Lol. While my friend was starting to put his dick into her pussy, she said “no no no” but at the same time she was spreading her leg wide ready for dick inside her pussy..hahaha. I saw her photo, of course absolute beautiful girl which in fact that she was a stewardess.

My 2nd top player just met his junior high school girl. That time, we attend gala night for unduk ngadau, the aim is of course to find girls, next free fuck haha…he saw her, sitting just nearby to our table. After the event finished, my top player came to talk to her. This girl clearly show a sign that she like my friend. Possible sex 😉 A week later, we go to KDCA to have some beer and also searching for beauties there. While drinking the jr girl message my friend that she was at Santa Rossa dringking beer too with her friend. After some time around 2am, we decided to go to Santa Rossa Beverly to join them there. Her friend was oldies, i have no mood to game them. She was the only cute girl. So my top player show cool guy style, not so needy, and managed to get her into his car. They go somewhere i dont know. The next day i ask him what happened, he said, good sex hahaha..nice one…not so many details about this one of how he fuck the girl, how she moan. From what i saw, she has nice beautiful ass but not so big tits.

My last top player was missing, he just appear in watsapp. He usually dring a lot during Kaamatan hahaha. But i assume he fuck some girl too.

Just for you guys to know, i have 3 top player. Top player means they are very good in flirting girl, get to connect with her, they have different skills to attract girl until she willing to spread wide her pussy. They are my mentor, my lecturer, my teacher with school subject how to fuck girl 😉

I hope to get more action on June onwards. Hope you guys fuck some girl during kaamatan, or at least cum on girlfriend belly 😆. Cheers.


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