Advise from my top player regarding messaging girl

So i just met my dear friend top player tonight. We just drink and chill2 at Blue 7 listening to current local band there.

Backstories: I actually just met a local girl previously, from Kota Belud, Dusun, she works part time at vape shop. She studied education which means that she is waiting for placement as teacher. During that time i showed good body language, nice eye contact, that when i asked for her number, she dont hesitate to give it to me. But during the messaging i made a big mistake which is to ask her out for date too early! During that time, i havent make a good enough introduction of showing my value, get to know each other. Of course she declined but in a nice way. I think i ask her out within 1 week. Obviously i failed for a date even after few attempt. Until now.

So during this chill2 with my top playboy friends, i asked him, how long did you take to take out girl you just met. He answer, it depends on the girl behaviour or situation. If she is like a bit slutty or knows well about nightlife, you dont waste time to take her out because she might agree to do so. If she is a nice innocent girl, you need some time to connect. He say, you just do the push and pull technique. Which means, keep connecting with the girl, but today you aggresif to flirt but the next day just treat her as a friend and message normally. My mentor also says dont keep attacking everyday because she might increase defending. So thats it guys, i shared to you my friend advise, top player, he was in contact with one of the unduk ngadau DBKK 2016. Nice move my friend. XD.

I also think my mistake was being too confident and neglect the rules of the game which is to connect first. I remember last time, when i was still starting to learn flirting, it took me 2 months to message the girl, but once i met her, i fucked her tight pussy straight away. Now im moving back to basic. Getting number for me is not a problem at all but the watsapp game is not really expert in my brain. I’ll try hard on this part again to this Kota Belud girl. I’ll get to know better and i’ll tell you guys the good news whether she have tight pussy or moan so good 😝. Keep in mind, “taking girl out is all depends on this situation.” As advised by my top player friend. Peace out.


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