Cerita Lama: Sumandak Saya Waktu Sekolah Menengah (English)

Waktu Ni Saya Masih Lagi “Innocent”

This was a story i want to share during my youngest day. While everybody still innocent. I would say, most of my GF during high school are some kind of long distance relationship. Its pretty unexplainable why they are my GF, because mostly meet only once and the rest is only communicating through SMS and call. Anyway it have help me in SMS skills and communication wise with girls. I usually sucks at replying text, it took me about 20 minutes to reply the girl. This is because, before sending, i need to make sure my text have continuation which mean the girl are able to say something about what i say. Sometime its so frustrated if i reply a thing that will make the girl numb. So i kept waiting until the next day. Should be bad feeling.

Dulu Sy Innocent macam ni budak iklan. Nda tau apa2 pasal perempuan. Hantam sja..XD
Dulu Sy Innocent macam ni budak iklan. Nda tau apa2 pasal perempuan. Hantam sja..XD

Sumandak Pertama

This one girl, my first long distance gf is from Long Pasia, Sabah. Tall girl, white skin, long black hair, pretty plump but with small waist, totally nice body shape, big boobs, round ass, face just ok, and she is like a leader of her friends. She was like a advisor to all her friends problem, mostly on relationship matters. I can get that she is frustrated too because she always listen and nobody can listen to her problem. Now that she has me, she tell me all her thought, im like a doctor during that time, trying to calm her. Such a good experience anyway. We sms from morning to night during that high school period where any guy who have phone and doing texting stuff while talking to each other looks like having a great life. Having girlfriend and friend is such a big deal in that teenage world.

I dont remember exactly how is the conversation going during my texting with her. I mean, while im confirming or asking her to be my gf during that day. Of course still using phone text. What i remember was, i am trying to show that i was having fun myself, be happy, show my happiness and make her think that she will have great life and awesome partner if she become my gf. Thats my strategy, my interpretation about making a girl like me. Usually of what i saw my friend doing was praising the girl. Like “hey girl, u so beautiful, i will be happy if u become my gf”. Well this style of course get their attention, but she’ll just gonna thank him. Still not enough to attract her. I’m so proud of myself regarding this philosophy i created. It worked in some way though.

During the evening, after building comfort conversation through text, then i asked her whether she want to be my gf. She replied yes almost instantly. Suddently our discipline teacher come around the class for checking what are the students up to. So i need to hide my phone, its illegal to have phone in school that time. It ended up she sent several message whether i have changed my mind so fast. Lol, sorry for keeping u waiting almost 2 hours my old baby. Since then, i have relationship. I didnt really have deep love in her, i think i just took an expreience out of this long distance connection.

Scandal Dengan Sumandak Kudat

While i was with this Long Pasia girl, i’ve been to Kudat for Rugby tournament. We live in SMK Sikuati 1, the earlier high school in this district. We came few days early prior to the tournament at nearby vocational school. The best part is, this school of course have lots of pretty young Rungus race girl. Some are plump, mostly slim skinny, white skin, cute, adorable and shy. I still remember after finishing our morning training at around 9am, we took shower and waiting at cafe area to score some chicks with hope to get a phone no. Saying hi to all the girls, what a fun life i have during that time. Thats why i will think of making my male generation to be active in school activity, because it give experience and fun memory. Back to the story, this one evening where the schooling end uo and the girls are back to their hostel. We the guys about 7 people, sitting at the recreation area just infront the girls hostel entrance. Saying hi to all of them is so much fun. Of course mostly shy, some are confidence, but we aim for the cutest. My strategy is to remember the name of girls i like. You know, they have name tag along.

Theres this one particular girl, nice long hairstyle, white skin, plump and slim, nice ass, boob ok, sweet smile, i think her age was around 16, i like this one. I memorize her name Conlada, say hi to her, very sweet smile. She pass into the entrance going to the building whithout me able to say much to her.

Later on in the next evening which our team have done our rugby tournament, 2nd place, lose in final by 2 points conversion, we all go to infront of the girls hostel. I have one girl for assistance, i ask her to call Conlada to meet me. It was a brave act, i think its because of high confidence since most of my friend already have hp no. She came down to meet me, so cute little girl, i like her so much. FYI, i met her recently at KK, she isnt that cute anymore, a bit plump, too bad it happen, i just cant believe she became not so pretty now. Anyhow, we sms pretty frequent after i got her no. Very good learning experience.

Ni la tu sumandak yg sy ckp. Sayang ni tiada sy amput sebab nda bagus bh skill mengayat sy time tu. Paling mistake sy xda transport. Besar nenen, putih lgini.

My First Kiss

Another event i join after that is the athletic event, Sabah level. My team is Beaufort. As usual, there will be lot of girl around in my team. I like this one particular girl, she join pentathlon, so her body was not so masculine, nice medium tits, short hair, but good looking. Still ladies look and cute although most of us have tanned sunburn skin.

From the begining, i knew that i like her, i am targeting to have some physical interaction, most probably kissing which i have never done before. I tried my best to start conversation with her, she isnt rejecting me, now it just depends on my gaming ability. During the sports, i talked to her which make obvious that i like her. Her friend said, hey, u like her right? I was shy to admit. I forgot her name, seems like Shimisa. From my memory, she is one of the girl that i really like.

This one night where we have finished our event, we are back to the hostel at SMK Abdul Rahim, Kudat, i go out to find some luck. A burger stall was opened where all this athlete come to buy it and wait for eating. I ordered one, and eyes survey the girls around. Since Shamisa is not there, i tried to start conversation with this one happy girl, laughing around. Looks pretty, nice athletic body, not skinny, nice ass, long hair, sexy voice, too bad, she was a sprinter like me which means not tits, flat chest. I was planning to make her as plan B for physical contact, in case Shimisa didnt come. As our conversation starting pretty good, suddently Shimisa was there, i was going to make start conversation with her, but my mind was splitting. If i leave this happy girl and talk with Shimisa, but Shimisa didnt like me, it means, i gonna lose both. I decided to wait.

Shortly, my close guy friend came and start talking with Shimisa, i said fuck it, i talk with this happy girl named Sella. After took the burger, i bring her to the nearby garden to enjoy the food and getting to know more and feel comfy. During that time, i was not so good in talking to girls, i didnt know what i said, whether nice flirting words or not. The only tips in my head is never stop the conversation longer that 5 seconds. If both of us didnt talk, i just do something to prevent the awkwardness like saying the grass we sat on is itchy. Pretty funny point though.

When i look around, i realize that Shimisa with my friend is nearby us, sitting at the chairs, they talk in the dark, me and Sella too talk in the dark, having good time. I still feel sad though that i lose Shimisa, but i dont want to risk of losing fun just because of effort in switching girl. So me and Sella changed to another private place after finished our burger, we go to the back of storage building to talk, suprisingly she willing to join too without much complain.

After around 30minutes, i put my hand on her shoulder, keep talking. Then i ask to kiss her, i dont really remember her answer but what i know is we are kissing each other in the dark while sitting on the cement near drainage. I like the kissing filling soft lips, no foul smell, we just keep kissing, no tongue, just enjoy the kiss. Not bad for first time experience. She always say, she can kiss but not more than that. At one point after we kiss and rest and kiss again, i started to put my hand on her breast. She immediately rejected it. Its too bad, total flat chest. Local language use the term “papan”. After satisfied kissing for a very long duration, we go to the canteen, its around 1030pm already. Then i decided to go back to my hostel. I feel happy.

Penyesalan Pertama Sebab Nda Ikut Kata Hati

The next morning, i meet my guy friend and ask him what happened that night. He say, he kissed her, same like my story, no rejection, the only different is my friend have the luck to massage soft tits. Im a bit sad at this time but no hard feeling. I got the kissing too. I said to myself, i only i talk to her without doubt, she can release her horny feeling on me.

The other regret i make is not to talk with this naughty girl, she looks good, very huge ass for athlete, short girl, obviously horny, huge tits. The reason i didnt target her because she is matured girl, i dont think i can handle her. But that night she was only with her girl friends. If only i was experienced enough, i have the chance to massage her huge tits. I love my life.

Bakat Jadi Playboy Mula Menyerlah

During high school also is my peak texting spree which i have 3 girlfriends at the same time at different place. Texting them all at once is a huge challenge. Its fun and make me happy btw. No offence girls, its and experience to all of us.


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